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12pm Channel [V] - Wed December 9th
Top 4 - Placebo

In June 2009 the band released their 6th studio album Battle For The Sun which was produced by Alan Moulder of Smashing Pumpkins & Nine Inch Nails fame. Don't miss this special tribute to the Top 4 videos from our favourite EMO rockers!
(2009) MA Music 30 mins

Can we PLEASE refrain from labelling Placebo 'emo' stupid ch [v]!!!
Now that I have that out of the system, yay Placebo on Aussie TV!!
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Please excuse me as I try not to vomit
haha, my friend and I have both been Placebo fans since about 1999, and were discussing not long ago how glad we are that the term 'emo' didn't seem to be so popular up until a few years ago, otherwise we would have definitely been branded with it.
EMO!...ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH *runs in circles of stabulence*
DAMMIT - I was staying at my friends house who HAS Austar and of course I missed this.. After bitching all week saying that they never play Placebo.. UGH..