Megan (bobbinsgalore) wrote in everybrokenbone,

Hey everyone,

I posted about this a bit over a week ago, but I was hoping to go to the Sydney Soundwave date, but unfortunately my plans have fallen through, and I'm now stuck with a Soundwave ticket I have no use for. Would anyone here like to buy it for $120 incl shipping? I'm in NZ, so payment would need to be via paypal and I'll post it to you using whichever method of shipping is most secure. Comment if you're interested, it'll be a first-in type thing. Someone said they were keen last time I posted but they haven't gotten back to me, and I would really be stoked if the ticket went to a 'bo fan. (Alternatively, if you'd be willing I would probably be willing to negotiate some cash + shirt deal if someone would be willing to pick up a band shirt from soundwave or their gig for me.

I cleared this with rougevelvet before posting. Thanks!
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