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2003 Tour Dates

One of the mods at the official Placebo forum would like some clarification on Australian tour dates 2003. I figured since most of you would have attended those, perhaps you could help? I've already removed a few discrepencies, but I'm not 100% sure about the answers to these... I figured a 3rd Sydney show sounded excessive, but they were hammering AU hard in 03/04


Would you be so nice to give me a bit of help? I have found contradictory information about the Australia tour in 2003 and I think you might know the correct dates.

The Placeboworld gig archive has two dates for Sydney, and list a third date for Sydney:
27.07.03 Australia, Sydney (Enmore Theatre)

Do you know if this third concert has taken place? I have photos of two Sydney concerts but not of a third.

And the fuss continues:
Angelfire has 30.07.03 Australia, Perth, Metro City.
According to Placeboworld the concert took place at 31.07.03, which is it?
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Not sure about Sydney but the Perth date was definitely the 31st.

...slightly OCD with photo labelling here lol my life.
so is the person who is asking ;)

I am positive there was a 3rd show at the Enmore on that tour, on a Sunday or Monday? I remember going to the Friday and Saturday shows and knowing I was missing a third show. The years of 2001-2004 all blur together for me but I think it was the 2003 shows (if memory serves me correct they played the Hordern the next year?)
Hmm not exactly proofy proof but I remember disliking the opening act, who claim to have played there 3 times:
thanks muchly!!