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2003 Tour Dates

One of the mods at the official Placebo forum would like some clarification on Australian tour dates 2003. I figured since most of you would have attended those, perhaps you could help? I've already removed a few discrepencies, but I'm not 100% sure about the answers to these... I figured a 3rd Sydney show sounded excessive, but they were hammering AU hard in 03/04


Would you be so nice to give me a bit of help? I have found contradictory information about the Australia tour in 2003 and I think you might know the correct dates.

The Placeboworld gig archive has two dates for Sydney, and list a third date for Sydney:
27.07.03 Australia, Sydney (Enmore Theatre)

Do you know if this third concert has taken place? I have photos of two Sydney concerts but not of a third.

And the fuss continues:
Angelfire has 30.07.03 Australia, Perth, Metro City.
According to Placeboworld the concert took place at 31.07.03, which is it?
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Melbourne Tickets FOR SALE

Hi guys,

A friend of mine had a friend pull out of the gigs due to the MCR issue and other things.

She's offering the Melbourne Soundwave ticket at cost price, which is a bargain considering it is SOLD OUT and they're being sold for a mint on ebay, plus I personally vouch for this person.

She's also got a ticket to the Melbourne sideshow, which she is offering for less than ticket price as it is not yet sold out, so just make her a reasonable offer.

Contact me for her email address ASAP

Also whoever purchases the Melbourne Soundwave ticket, it would be great if you're able to help us do some street teaming on the day. Tisnt all day, and can be worked around other bands.

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Sydney Support Band - The Jezabels

*cries a river* no Expatriate, well not in Sydney.

Syd solo show support - The Jezabels

*listening to their stuff via the website now, not so bad, similar to Howling Bells*

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@PLACEBOWORLD Additional Australian tour date added in Perth!

PLACEBO are pleased to announce they will be playing an additional date on their tour of Australia at Perth's Metro City.

The show will be taking place on March 2nd 2010, the day following their appearance at the Soundwave Festival in Perth.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday January 15th at 9am (AEDT). You can buy them from either TICKETEK or BOCS TICKETING

Who is going???
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Soundwave tix

We have cancelled another pile of tickets bought by scalpers & re-released Bris SW tickets via ticketek. Available now

Final release of Melbourne Soundwave tickets late next week! Only 2 per buyer. Stay tuned for full details

- via soundwave on twitter
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Sydney Solo Show Ticket

Someone on the facebook event page for the Sydney solo (SOLD OUT) show has written that they have a spare ticket for Floor 2 standing.

Just giving the heads up as I've come accross a few people looking for tix. I dont know this person so I cannot vouch for them but here's the link:

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